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About Us

Gail Nichols, CEO

Gail Nichols

A little history...I extended my education and experience from nursing to include real estate, banking, securities, insurance (life, annuities, health,) and telecommunications.  

In the 1990's, Richard Cherry and I invented, patented and operated the original virtual call center technology and business method at Willow CSN.  This earned us a Smithsonian Computerworld Award and President's Task Force Award.  Willow CSN is now, providing employment for over 25 thousand home-based contractor customer service agents in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.  

Experience you can count on

Above The Standard Procurement Group

Our Global Partner is Above The Standard Procurement Group.

Our proven 30+ year solutions have delivered results in reduced costs and increased profits in the tens of billions of dollars, in more than 1,000 direct and in-direct spend areas, for thousands of small to large organizations in many industries including: Sprint, the U.S. Government, other Governments, Microsoft, BP, ExxonMobil, ADP, Sime Darby, Riyad Bank, and ...

Our Global Clients


We Conduct business in more than 100 nations and provide: Profit and growth strategies, marketing branding, procurement and cost reduction, training, compliance, human resources, finance, operations, technology, sourcing, and other unique and proprietary solutions!

We Offer a global network that includes more than a thousand certified suppliers, tenured experts, strategic partners, and representation in many nations, working in most industries.

What We Do


Cost Reduction Services I Buying Group

Procurement and Supply Chain Services

In House Training I Team Unifying Practices

Human Resource Solutions

Marketing & Business Development

Financing Solutions ($5,000 to $2,000,000)

Why Work With Us


Together with our Global Partners, we have improved profits in the Tens of Billions in more than 1,000 spend areas.  Average profit increase is 28.2%, 98% of the time in procurement cost reduction and top line solutions

We receive NO compensation for any cost reduction project until we reduce your costs in the agreed upon areas. We share in the cost savings with no up-front charges, as we are paid on performance!

You can take comfort that you have tested and proven that you're getting best value.

Why Engage Our Solutions


More organizations seek involvement of experts to leverage their abilities to increase profits in most business areas due to:

  • Increased global competition

  • Need for Strategy, Distribution, Marketing & Business Growth

  • Compliance & regulation has increased

  • Need to reduce costs

  • Not enough staff